FFP Employee Benefits is a full service health insurance brokerage agency dedicated to servicing both the employer and individual markets in New Jersey and New York.

Our unique model focuses on the four pillars of success to monitor your health insurance coverage: Strategy, Design, Implementation and Review.

Strategy is the foundation of our process, where we gather information for your specific plan, like your existing health benefits, requirements, and goals. We give consideration to your business challenges, your company profile and other factors. We then strategize to custom-build a product for YOUR specific needs.

Next, we incorporate your vision and invite competitive quotes from all carriers available to your business. We’ll ensure that carriers submit plans that…

  • meet your objectives
  • achieve compliance with state and federal laws
  • are sustainable for you and your employees

During the design stage, we commit a great deal of our resources gathering proposals to give you a range of costs and coverage to consider.

Just as location is important to real estate, communication is key to Implementation. FFP uses a balance of face-to-face employee meetings, webinars/conference calls, social media and e-mail communication tools to assist your firm with conveying this year’s employee benefit needs. Health insurance plans are most successful when your management team and staff fully understand the benefits and can anticipate their concerns in advance. After all, no one wants to implement a plan that lacks the input needed to succeed.

During the Evaluation period, we report quarterly plan updates and check back to help your company assess the plan’s feasibility and success. During the last quarter of the plan, we initiate the process for renewal.

Our Promise to you:

  • Listen to your needs and design a plan to fit your goal and budget.
  • Communicate your plan to your employees and/or dependents.
  • Pro-Actively shop your renewal 60 days in advance of the renewal.
  • Represent ALL carriers that are available to you.
  • Respond to your concerns so that your health benefits plan meets the criteria we establish together.