Medical Insurance

We help you deliver affordable health care to your employees with resources and services that save you time and money. For medical coverage, FFP Benefits assists larger employers with the 2 main aspects of designing a health plan for your company:

  1. ACA Compliancy
  2. How to fund your premiums (Fully insured vs Self-Funding)

HMO or EPO Plans

Designed for employers looking for lower costing premiums. HMO or EPO plans generally have in-network coverage only. If you currently seek care from a physician who accepts your insurance, HMO or EPO plans will work well for you.


If you are seeking treatment for a physician who generally does NOT accept any insurance plan, a POS or PPO plan is a great option. POS or PPO plans have an out of network coverage option. Once a deductible is satisfied, you will receive a percentage of money back for a claim while enrolled on a POS or PPO plan.

H.S.A. (Health Savings Accounts)

HSA plans are a GREAT way to save a lot of premium. These plans require an enrollment subscriber to meet a high deductible before any benefits are distributed from your insurance carrier. As a result, premiums for an HSA plan are generally very low. It’s almost like you are self-insuring yourself up to the deductible you wish to set. This can be a very good option for those that want catastrophic type coverage and do not anticipate many claims for the year.

MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage) Plans

As of 2015, “large employers” as defined by the Affordable Care Act, are requirement to pay a penalty to the IRS unless they offer a benefit plan to full time employees that contains Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC). We represent the few insurance carriers and administrators that have designed a plan specifically to just cover the MEC. These plans are SIGNIFICANTLY lower in cost vs a traditional health plan, and help Large Company employers avoid the $2,000 PER EMPLOYEE penalty starting in 2015.

PEO (Professional Employment Organization)

Looking for a health plan that handles everything for you? Payroll, Workers Compensation, Human Resource functions and Health Insurance? That’s precisely what a PEO can do for you. FFP benefits has relationships with several PEO firms and can assist you with obtaining a proposal.

FFP Benefits represents the following carriers:

For the Large Employer (50+ employees):*

  • Aetna
  • Horizon BCBS of NJ
  • Oxford/United Healthcare
  • Nippon Life
  • United Healthcare
  • Concierge Benefits
  • Cigna
  • Amerihealth
  • Meritain
  • Magnacare
  • Optimed

*We represent both Fully Insured AND Self-Funded (ASO)