Obtain a proposal

Thank you for contacting FFP Insurance Services for your health insurance needs. FFP represents all NJ carriers. Since the costs are based on your date of birth, we are able to provide you with the same premium you would get from any other location. We NEVER charge you any service fee, and will help service your account during the entire plan year.

Attached you will find “Individual Plans” offered by several NJ insurance carriers. Individual plans mean they are not “group” plans offered by an employer. In reality they are more “personal” plans than individual, since you can add dependents if you would like. However, the carrier does refer to the product as Individual.

How do I obtain a proposal

FFP Benefits will email you a personalized spreadsheet showing you a quote from all carriers in the NJ marketplace.

Click here to obtain a proposal

Are these Marketplace/ObamaCare plans?

Yes and No.

Our spreadsheet represents ALL plans offered by the insurance carriers from their individual product portfolio.

Since January of 2014, the Affordable Care Act (AKA ObamaCare) has granted a premium subsidy to certain individual plans. FFP will then show you which of the attached plans attached are subsidy based.

The subsidy plans are the ones referred to as Obamacare/marketplace/Exchange plans.

Qualify for the subsidy? You pick from selected plans that carrier offers.

Don’t qualify? You get access to All the plans that carrier offers.

I believe I may qualify for the subsidy, so what steps should I take?

Click here for 2016 Subsidy Chart

Your FFP Benefits representative will work with you to determine if you qualify for a subsidy.

If you qualify, your FFP representative will advise you which plans you may pick from the marketplace options. We will then provide you with an enrollment code to use, which will allow FFP to service your account during the entire year. Don’t qualify? Not a problem. We will show you each carriers entire product portfolio, and assist you with picking an affordable plan based on your specific needs for coverage the upcoming year.

When can I enroll onto a NJ individual plan?

  1. The annual Open Enrollment period (11/1-1/31 of each year). Note – that may be extended from year to year. 2014 was extended to March 31st. 2015 was extended to April 15th.
  2. A Qualifying Event (example – Involuntarily loss of coverage)

When does my plan renew?

Regardless of when you were first enrolled, ALL individual policies renewal on January 1st. Your insurance carrier will mail you a renewal letter towards the middle of November, advising you of your options for the following year. Sometimes they eliminate a product and advise you of its replacement. Sometimes they simply renew the plan and advise you of its new price. Just note that this if your annual election period, and a great time to work with your FFP representative to pick a plan for the following year. Each year, we will create a personalized spreadsheet to reflect the new plans and choices for you in the upcoming year.

Brief Summary on the plans offered:

  • Platinum/Gold – Richest plans in terms of price. These are great options if you frequent the doctor, pharmacy or expect hospital or surgery claims during the upcoming year.
  • Silver – Great option for those looking for pay a low copayment for items like office visits and pharmacy claims. You will pay a deductible and coinsurance for bigger claims like hospital or surgery, since you are not expecting to have that in the upcoming plan year.
  • Bronze – Great option for those looking to avoid the penalty for not having health insurance. These are high deductible claims, where you pay all your claims until the deductible is satisfied. The carrier then begins to pay claims on your behalf.
  • Catastrophic – The catastrophic plan is available to people under age 30, or people 30 and older who qualify for a hardship exemption (which means that due to economic hardship, the person would not be required to have health insurance or pay a penalty for failing to do so).